3 Stars: Be The People by Carol Swain

The author believes in God and her country and the American Dream. She believes that America needs this book and that this book can change the country. Not a chance... but nice of her to dream and be well-meaning. This is a book on politics and ethics for the 78% of Americans who claim to be Judeo-Christians. The author is an African-American woman who disapproves of the unbiblical direction the country has taken over the years. This book is her critique and her hope for American to turn to Christian roots.

Brightly, the author draws parallels to George Orwell's 1984 and today's world of reverse definitions. We call war, peace. Freedom = Slavery. Ignorance = Truth.

The author writes that America is adrift and gets entangled in dubious international argreements. I agree that America shouldn't be sticking our nose into all the international conflicts that we cause/engage in, BUT I think the author is missing the truth. America KNOWS exactly why it is getting into these conflicts and it is seeking them out. It wants to be right there in the middle. We aren't adrift. America is aiming for goals that you and I might disagree with. But she certainly knows where she wants to be - it's just that I don't want America there. So it is a difference in core values.

The author tries to tell us that we need to return to our American Christian roots - but again she misses the mark. America NEVER WAS Christian. Freemason founding fathers with unChristian goals. And I couldn't say that I would want America to be Christian. What good did any Christian government ever bring its people? The Salem Witch trials where anyone who stepped on their neighbors toes was proclaimed a witch and burned? Or the Inquisition and the HORRORS of the iron maiden and other torture devices? Christians are sick. Okay, so-called Christians are sick. And I could never wish for a Christian society. The horrors would be unspeakable. And you thought big brother was bad! Now you got the neighbor telling the church government that you have a hidden sin in your life and in one poof - your life as you know it is over. Big Church Government is just as bad, if not worse, than Big Brother Government. Any doubts? Think how many sins they might check off in your life? How many of these would you be burned, hung, tortured for? We'd all be dead by now.

Disclaimer: Received free from publisher for this review but giving honest opinion.

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