2 Stars: When The Going Gets Tough, the Tough Start Laughing by Martha Bolton

Ch 1: FUNNY: Husband did nice deed for neighbor so as a thank you, neighbor gave them his pit bull. The dog took over author's backyard and they were terrified of the dog. Finally, they begged the neighbor to take the dog back. Funny story - does make you smile.

Ch 2: NOT FUNNY: Author felt weird walking down red carpet, so tried to break into event she and her husband were invited to. Finally, gave in and walked the carpet. No biggie.

Ch 3: NOT FUNNY: Have you noticed some things don't make a lot of sense? Author gives you a list of some - like how flying from LA to Denver, you need to go to Houston, NY, then back to Denver. Not funny.

Ch 4: NOT FUNNY: Isn't it funny how scientists tell you all the good tasting foods are bad for you? Then they also sometimes change their minds back and forth? Like butter vs margarine.

Ch 5: NOT FUNNY: A man goes to heaven and sees two groups of people. One group is for people who endured a lot of pain and sufferring in life. The other is for those who endured little. The man is assigned a line and he's happy because he knows he endured a lot of sufferring and he believes he will be rewarded greatly. But soon he realizes that he's in the wrong line. The other line is full of all the people that continued smiling despite the trials. He thought his tough life was an excuse to no longer smile and be nice to others.

Ch 6: NOT FUNNY: The joy of giving - one homeless woman took up a collection among her friends to afford a fake flower in a pot for a police officer. Another lady gives hugs because she gets joy in giving them.

As you can see... this book is NOT funny at all. They are stories, but they aren't funny stories and they don't make you laugh. I give this book 2 stars (instead of 1 star) because it isn't worth your time reading it, but it isn't especially BAD stories. They just aren't funny stories and aren't very useful to life.

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