4 Stars: No He Can't: How Barack Obama Is Dismantling Hope And Change by Kevin Mccullough

I give this book 4 stars because it opens your eyes to what is going on in the world. It is full of facts and events that you and I would NEVER hear about in the mainstream media. The author does a great job documenting the many MANY ways the Obama Administration is actually hurting ou great nation and the people. This isn't just speculation or "I hate Obama" - these are hard facts and decisions, laws, votes Obama cast that destroy America! He is taking away our freedoms and at the same time KILLING our economy. This guy claims to have gone to law school - what does a lawyer know about economic policy? This book will show you how far he will go to use his position of power to the advantage of him and his "friends". You will be shocked at how much BAD he has done.

Mainstream news tells you that Obama is a nice guy with a nice smile. You won't think so after reading this book. Once you read this book, you will have a new view of Barack Obama, not only the politician but the human being. The million dollar smile will no longer fool you - hopefully!

I highly recommend this book and will be recommending it to my family and friends. I really hope all the "Obama lovers" read this book because you don't really know the guy until you SEE the decisions/choices he is making to destroy our country.

My disclaimer - I received this book from the publisher Thomas Nelson free of charge but I always give honest reviews. I want you to be able to choos the best book based on stars because I know you have limited time and energy to read. I would not recommend this book to you and your friends

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