5 Stars: Cure For The Common Life by Max Lucado

Good solid Christian book. I would recommend it and give it as a gift to others.

PROS: This book helps you find the life you always dreamed of as a kid. It encourages us to look into our bag and notice the skills that God gave us. He gave each of us many skills and we can use those skills to fulfill our destiny. God created us all unique, with unique and special skills and a special destiny. You are one small piece of God's big beautiful puzzle. So use those gifts to find and fulfill your calling. Remember your youth and your dreams and don't be afraid to restructure your life to go after them!

I loved this book because this is exactly what just happened in my life. At age 16, I prayed to God and asked Him to bring me into a deep relationship with him. I asked for a deeper relationship with God than I knew of anyone in today's world - I mean Old Testament Abraham, Noah, patriarch relationship. And I asked God, if need be, to take away everything from my life - love, friends, money, possessions. Well, I went out into the world, got my college degree, started making money, bought a house. I never forgot God - he was on the main burner too... but I was splitting my time between God while at home and work and life. So God took the house away, took the job away, and now here I am back at Mom's house focusing on God again. I love it and wouldn't have it any other way. Who cares about six figures when you know you are on the right path and you have your dreams back!

CONS: Great book, but just not as deep as I like. Even though it has a great message, I can't say it is as good as some of R.C. Sproul's or John Piper's books. Still, compared to books, I give it a 5 star because it's right up there as a "must read".

Disclaimer: I received this book from the publisher but I always give honest reviews always. I am marking books with stars so you will know not to waste your time on the low star reviews. :)

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