1 Star: Money Secrets of the Amish by Lorilee Craker

CONS: I had high hopes for this book, because the Amish are known to be thrifty and saving lots of money. So I thought I might learn some really good tips. However, I was very disappointed. What should have been a book packed with USEFUL tips, really was a silly book filled with tips that we all already know and choose to NOT do (or do) and useless tips that no one would use. I felt like the book was a sales gimmick - use the Amish name to sell a book.

Examples of the useless tips this book gives:

- Don't buy anything new until you have worn it till it breaks

- Lawn Mower: Use a hand mower instead of the gas mower

- Socks: repair the holes

- Jeans: Cut your frayed-ended jeans shorter and hem them to make them into capris

- Electric Mixer: Don't get one, just mix with your hand/arm

- Children's Clothing: Only use hand-me-downs, never buy new

- Digital Camera: Keep the old model with the broken battery door - just tape it closed

- Insect Sting: Use meat tenderizer

- Tray Tables: Suck it up and keep the very old ugly 1960s tables instead of buying new ones

- Compost: Use a plastic garbage can for $4, instead of $90 for a Home Depot spinning composter - wait... but we don't know if it will work or how well, because the book tells you that the author and user haven't tried this long enough to know if it really works!

- New Furniture: Instead of buying new, just re-arrange what you have. Take from one room and move it to the next room

- Appliances: Fix them instead of replacing them

- Impulse Items: Check bank statement to see how much money you waste on impuse items

- Bills: Pay them on time, don't get late fees or interest

- Borrow: Don't do it!

- Gift Wrap: Use old newspaper instead of wrapping paper

- Gifts: Scale back and give baked cookies or used books instead of new gifts

Disclaimer: I received this book free of charge from the publisher Thomas Nelson. Still, I will give my full honest opinion of this book.

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