1 Star: The Pope And The New Apocalypse by Stephen D Mumford

Short book: 51 pages. All speculation about Vatican control over USA and the Regan Administration. Lots of specutation, scare stories, huff and puff and not a lot of substance. Inaccurate views and theories.

Ch 1: Women's abortion rights, Mexicans crossing the border, Ronald Regan and Pope John Paul II are likable but bad politics, Vatican is controlling the US, world population dilemma
Ch 2: Rev Pat Robertson wants Christians involved in politics; Regan Administration attacks Constitution; World population growth and family planning; Single out pro-lifers
Ch 3: Pope's push on population control; Pope and USA are conspiring
Ch 4: Vatican take over; Overpopulation threatens national security;
Ch 5: Money, Catholics and family planning
Ch 6: Subversion; Regan Admin has the most Catholics among them - greater than any other Administration in US history;
Ch 7: Infringing on US sovereignty; Vatican running US foreign policy; Secret legions; Vatican vs humanity
Ch 8: Reclaiming our options - fighting back

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