1 Star: The Fight of Our Lives by William J Bennett

CONS: This book is COMPLETELY un-Christian and un-Christ-like. It is filled with fear, doubting God and full of hate and anger. This author would like to sell our personal freedoms to put us all in boxed cages with ID tags on our ankles (so to speak). This author would like to bring about George Orwell's 1984 just so he can sleep easy at night. What happened to CHARACTER? Where are the brave men of America? Why are we teaching others to hide under the bed just in case the boogeyman comes to get you. This book is a joke.

The author is coming from a hateful ungodly perspective that makes Christians look bad - with statements like "anger [and hatred] at terrorists is JUSTIFIED". This is another fear-based book designed to "scare the crap out of the masses" so that they will "bomb all the Arab countries to pieces" just so Americans can sleep easy. Because "it's us against them". This is SOOOO UNCHRISTIAN.

I would NEVER recommend this book. It makes assumptions and accepts the media soap opera story hook-line-and-sinker. The author isn't open-minded enough, doesn't use logic in their analysis of the political situation and media coverage. This book is also anti-911-truth and anti-Islam.

Disclaimer: I received this book from the publisher. I always give an honest review of all books. I lean towards being extra critical of books because there are so many out there and I understand you and I have limited time and resources. If I am going to recommend a book, I want it to be one that you will put on your bookshelf and keep. I want it to be the kind of book you will come back to and will also recommend to others.

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