1 Star: 151 Quick Ideads to Inspire Your Staff by Jerry R Wilson

One of the worst books EVER!!!! I bought this book from Borders for full price 13 bucks and boy am I sorry! I should have scanned the book better first. The book is broken into so many little minor sections with inserts here and there - did they think this was a magazine? Anyway, there is NOTHING valuable at all in this book. All they do is draw a little box on every page and put dash marks around it (like a coupon you are supposed to cut out) and then tell you go to create a 3x5 card and hang it on your wall at work. By the end of the book you should have only 101 3x5 cards hanging on your wall! Stupid! Useless! What a waste of thirteen bucks! I'm so sorry and disappointed. And the suggestions are terrible! You are supposed to wrote this stuff on your 3x5 cards: "No man can serve two masters. Serve the customers first" "Common enemy-Common goal" "Reward those who deserve rewards. Be fair but not equal" "Benefits are an important part of the package. Employees don't need them and they don't provide motivation, but employees expect them"

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