1 Star: Terror Over America by Arno Froese

Terribly inaccurate book. Pre-trib view that USA and Catholic Pope and World Government are the Antichrist, Beast and Arab-Israel conflict is the end of the world. The "End Times" already happened per the Preterist End Times view and if you don't understand this, read Gary DeMar's book "End Times Fiction". This guy is just selling a book. Just like Hal Lindsey, Southwest Radio Church and all those other TV evangelist scammers. Don't believe the lies! Read Josephus' History book and you will see that most of the Bible Prophecies were fulfilled when Rome destroyed Jerusalem in 70AD.

Short book 125 pages with large print and not a lot to read. Mostly useless quotes inserted here and there to make it "sensationalized" media.

Chapter 1: Describes World Trade Center collapse on September 11, 2001
Chapter 2: Says the world countries united behind America to fight terrorism
Chapter 3: Describes a world government and attaches labels like "beat" "antichrist" "man of sin" to this world government. This is an INCORRECT prophecy and the author is sensationalizing and stretching things just to sell a book. Remember, this book is very thin - there is hardly any work/facts/documentation here. It is all highly speculative/imaginative/wishful thinking.
Chapter 4: More discussion on the attack on America on 9/11
Chapter 5: Titled "Shadows of Armageddon" is 3 pages of an emailed transcript from the author's boss at work (Midnight Call). Total speculation with no facts to back anything up.
Chapter 6: Terroists, Lie detectors, etc
Chapter 7: 9/11 is not Armageddon explains the author, because America is not where it is supposed to take place. New York is not Mystery Babylon either says the author. Goes into the European Union taking control over the world.
Chapter 8: Mystery Babylon, Catholic Pope and USA
Chapter 9: Global Capitalism

Rest of the book is the typical New Pre-Trib story. Arabs and Israel end time war.

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