5 Stars: Night Night Blessings

This review is for the Amazon Kindle ebook version:

SUPER cute, super colorful pictures - blues, pinks, purples, greens, yellows! This short, quick-to-read little book makes for a great children's prayer book. This is a rhyming book on thankful prayer only and not on prayers of request, which is a nice change from the normal prayer book.

This book is about a little child (gender neutral - looks like it could be a boy or girl, unsure) giving a thankful prayer to God for a full day's blessings - morning to night. The child thanks God for food, fun days, pets, toys, family time, oceans, Daddy's bedtime prayer, Mommy's kisses, the moon, God's love and all God's blessings.

Only issue is my ebook version has typos and also it Capitalizes in every other word, which is incorrect English.

My disclaimer - I received this book from the publisher Thomas Nelson free of charge but I always give honest reviews. I want you to be able to choose the best book based on stars because I know you have limited time and energy to read.

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