1 Star: Gabby God's Little Angel

Ridiculous, Terrible Story & False Teachings on Angels
If you don't care about Biblical accuracy or a silly story, then by get this book because it's SUUUPER cute and sweet pictures. The pictures are adorable and fun. Yes, very very fun and cute. You will love it! Just look at all the 40+ people who gave it 4-5 stars.

BUT... if teaching your children biblical truths is important to you, you will not consider this book "innocent fun". You will fully agree with the other two reviewers who gave this book 2 stars. Cute pictures doesn't make up for a ridiculous story and the false teachings on angels.

Let's forget about the false teachings about angels for a second and just focus on the story. This book is completely ridiculous, starting with the first sentence ("Angels, angels, line up. Well done, everyone. Hmmm . . . has anyone seen Gabby?” “She fell over her harp, sir,” Parker said. “I think she took it to have it . . . well . . . straightened out.”). The story is of a ridiculous, clumbsy (always tripping), child-aged angel, who is a guardian angel in training. She stumbles and bumbles her way through sentences, not making any sense and this makes the other child-aged angels think she's funny. Another sample of the terrible dialogue: Gabby said. “Sorry I’m late, sir. I had a . . . well, how shall I say it? It was a . . . no, not really, it was more of a, well, and yet . . . on the other hand . . . you could describe it as . . . oh dear, perhaps just a musical mishap!”

Gabby says  things that make so sense at all and can be quite irritating, like when someone tells her to look at the earthly children playing at the playground, she says: "They're playing with the ground . . . really?" Gabby said. "Wow, that doesn't seem like it would be a ton of fun, but I guess I don't know as I've never really had a `ground'." This story is really, not funny or cute. It makes for an ridiculous, confusing story. Terrible book.

My disclaimer - I received this book from the publisher free of charge but I always give honest reviews. I want you to be able to choose the best book based on stars because I know you have limited time and energy to read.

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  1. This is the sweetest children's book! The story of Gabby the Guardian Angel assigned to protect Sophie is a great introduction about Angels and God's love for all little ones. The illustrations are beautiful (and there are a lot of them). The pictures reminded me of the original (80's) Strawberry Shortcake books. Little girls in particular will be drawn to the pictures and will really enjoy this story. I will definitely purchase future books in this series.