2 Stars: Average Joe by Troy Meeder

This book meant well, but in the end, it's not worth buying.

PROS: The idea is that America is built on Average Joe men. They are the backbone of our society - honest, loyal, hard-working men with integrity. Your fireman, gardener, cashier, etc... normal, average men with character. Each chapter goes though a "meet an average joe with a lesson to teach" about God. So you meet the Gardener that the author met when going through college. And you learn the lesson the gardener taught the author.

CONS: If the lessons in each chapter were profound, I would have rated this book higher. But since the lessons are weak (in my opinon), they are normal everyday things you and I already know, I don't think this book is worth it. It had a good idea - to show money and status men with no integrity aren't more valuable than average joe men with character. Just because you have a "lowly job", doesn't mean you are lowly inside.

Some of the "lessons" you will "learn" but you and I actually already know them, are these:
- let your yes be a yes and your no be a no
- a little sin is missing the mark, so don't even cheat on your tax return
- stay the course, don't go lose focus on the goal
- have honest, integrity and character
- the wise listen, so don't be one of those chatty people who always have to be center of attention
- remember the important things in life - God - and the rest is noise
- become a mentor and find one for yourself
- meet your challenges head-on, don't let fear win

Disclaimer: I received this book for free from the publisher but am giving an honest review.

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