2 Stars: RE-CREATED FOR GREATNESS The Quest for the Promised Glory by Evangelist Francis Boafo

RE-CREATED FOR GREATNESS The Quest for the Promised Glory by Evangelist Francis Boafo is about the life that we MUST live to actually make it to heaven. Many people assume once they read their paragraph, that they've got their ticket into heaven and now they can go back to living their normal sinful lives. However, Boafo warns us that Christ may say "I never knew you." Boafo explains that the part of the paragraph that most people miss is the part about Jesus Christ becoming THE LORD of our lives! This is what some called "Lordship Salvation." If you really REALLY ACTUALLY do believe in Jesus Christ and all he claims to be, then you must repent and become a new person and subject yourself under his lordship. If you continue living as you lived before reading the paragraph, you are in essence saying that you do not actually believe that paragraph and will not allow Jesus to be Lord of your life. Boafo strongly strongly emphasizes obedience and creating a relationship with Jesus Christ.

As I started this book, I was SOOO excited and certain I was going to recommend it to all my friends and buy multiple copies. However, as the chapters progressed, I found all the steam deflating. Boafo beats readers down with obedience and living in relationship to Jesus or else you won't be going to heaven. I understand this is a serious topic, but the problem is that Boafo doesn't really get into the particulars. HOW DO YOU ACCOMPLISH THIS? How do you build a relationship with Jesus? Boafo tells us that if we can build one or even get one sip of the water that Jesus offers, that we will be hooked and never turn back. I doubt many Christians actually feel like this. Boafo's answers are very idealistic, but very impractical. His idea of building a relationship with Jesus is... obeying, praying and reading your bible. Again, in theory that sounds great. But in real life, it seems a bit simplistic.

I know some will say that the way is simple, that's true, but I just see many Christians start doing 1, 2, 3 and getting into obeying laws without any heart. Where is the passion? As Reformer John Piper (author of Seeing and Savoring Jesus Christ) says, We should obey God our of love, reference and heartfelt thankfulness. There should be genuine worship and joy coming from being Christ-like and obeying Christ. We shouldn't be like pouty children, threatened with hell, so we begrudgingly obey out of threat.

I also felt like the author has some unusual, unorthodox and, in my opinion, not biblical ideas. For God to be selfish is not wrong because God should get exactly what he wants. Also, God's reason for not invading the earth with angels was because man was created to fall and be saved by Christ to God's ultimate glory. This story brings God more glory than sending angels to fight. Also, there are NO "legalities" that bind God. He chose to have Christ redeem man simply because God wanted to! He doesn't have to explain himself to anyone! See below:

"God never does anything except to satisfy His laws, His justice and righteousness. He is Holy and has no selfish motives! He works by law: the law of love, mercy, righteousness, truth and justice, and so on. Why did God, not invade the earth with His powerful angelic host, to redeem lost man, and to restore the earth to His will? He did not do so, because of His justice and righteousness. He was aware of the spiritual legalities, concerning His placement of man in the earth. The Bible says in Genesis 1:28, “So God blessed them, and God said to them, “Be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth and subdue it; have dominion over the fish of the sea, over the birds of the air; and over every living thing that moves on the earth”. Since God deeded the earth to man, He must reclaim all that was lost through a man, which was in accordance with His righteousness. Therefore, God legally placed His Word in the earth in human body, as Jesus the Christ."
Evangelist Francis Boafo. Re-Created for Greatness (Kindle Locations 947-955). WestBowPress.

My disclaimer - I received this book from the publisher but I always give brutally honest reviews. I want you to be able to choose the best book based on stars because I know you have limited time and energy to read.

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  1. I hope this reveiwer read the complete book. If we have problem with obedience to Jesus Christ and His Lordship over our lives, then we have a problem with SELF. The Bible says in these days, the last days, people will be lovers of self and pleasure rather then lovers of God. Love of God is defined by Obedience to His Word (John 14:23). The Spirit of Christ is total obedience and submission to the will of God. This is how our greatness is made manifest through God's anointed presence with us. Anyone who does not have this Spirit does not belong to Him (Rom. 8:9). We must not be deceived, this book, "Re-Created for Greatness" is a must read for every Christian who lives in these days of lawlessness. We are saved and given the Word and the Spirit of God to learn Obedience as our Master Jesus Christ did--Heb. 5:8-9, Rom. 6:16-19, Rom. 16:25-26 etc. We are being conformed to His image--obedience sons and daughters of the Living God so Jesus will become the first born among many brothers (Rom. 8:29).