4 Stars: Max On Life by Max Lucado

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I always give an honest review all books. I lean towards being extra critical of books because there are so many out there and I understand you and I have limited time and resources. If I am going to recommend a book, I want it to be one that you will put on your bookshelf and keep. I want it to be the kind of book you will come back to and will also recommend to others.

Product Details

  • Hardcover: 256 pages
  • Publisher: Thomas Nelson (April 19, 2011)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 9780849948121
  • ISBN-13: 978-0849948121
  • ASIN: 0849948126
  • Product Dimensions: 9.4 x 6.4 x 1.3 inches


WHO MIGHT LIKE THIS BOOK? New Christians. Young Christians. Church of Christ members. Those who love devotionals. Women. Teenagers. Young adults. Families. Married couples (especially women). Those who are hurting and want answers. Those struggling through life. Those who want to live according to God and the Bible but have a lot of questions or struggles. Great book to give as a gift to new Christians.

WHO MIGHT HATE THIS BOOK? Long-term knowledgable Christians will probably find the questions and their answers to be nothing knew. Pastors and Elders and those very familiar with Christians will already know most of the answers to the questions. There are no real new insights. All the questions are normal everyday life questions that you've heard many times.

AUTHOR: Max Lucado, a Church of Christ minister, and author of many many books.

SUMMARY: Christian minister Max Lucado answers 172 questions about everyday life. Chapter Topics include: Hope, Hurts (Calamities and "Why me?"), Help (Prayer and "Why Church?"), Him/Her (Sex, Romance), Home (Diapers, Disagreements), Haves/Have-Nots (Work, Money), Hereafter (Heaven, Hell and Cemeteries).

QUICK BOOK REVIEW: The format of the book is very easy to read: each questions is listed at the top of a page and the answer is listed right below. Easy to read as a daily devotional. Most readers will read the question and if it applies to them or interests them, they will read the answer. If the question doesn't catch their interest, they will skip to the next question. The more "general life questions" that you know through life experience, bible study, church, reading and talking to other Christians, the more likely you will skip over sections of the book. This book has many basic answers to basic questions. It is very geared towards emotional issues, life issues, struggles, doubts, guilt, and feeling right with God. I think the book appeals more to women than men, because of the emotional content over intellectual content, but new Christian men will also find answers and comfort in many of the answers.

- Solid Bible-based teachings from a Church of Christ Christian perspective.
- Not a deep book. No deep answers. I believe none of the 172 answers was over 2 pages long.
- No real solid, deep-thinking answers. Lots of "I don't know why but just trust and obey God" answers

Some of the Questions & Answers in this book:
- What purpose does deformed children serve? How can God permit such deformities? A: What makes no sense in this world, will make sense in the next life. Example: In the womb, you had eyes and nose. You couldn't use them as an embryo, but once you were born, they became useful. Some parts of life seem unnecessary (suffering, loneliness, disease, martyrdom) but what if the earth is a womb for heaven? Might these challenges serve us in the next life? Paul wrote "These little troubles are getting us ready for an eternal glory that will make our troubles seem like nothing" (2 Cor 4:17)
- People say “All things work together for good” but this seems cruel to me. A: God uses our struggles to build character.
- How can I trust God is powerful enough to take care of me? A: He is unlimited, unchanging, ungoverned and unbelievable.
- How can we know God really exists? A: Look at the Milky Way, earth, ethics, the bible, Jesus's empty tomb and Jesus himself. God is real.
- Can God really understand my troubles? A: He's been there in Jesus, so he knows how you feel.
- How can I know I'm truly saved? A: Confess with your mouth that "Jesus is Lord", believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, and you will be saved.
- I became a Christian as a teenager but stopped praying, going to church and reading my Bible. Now I've come back to God. During that time, was I saved? A: Salvation is not repeatable and you can not "be saved", "lose your salvation", "be saved", then "lose your salvation". Persistent sin shows a lack of ever having salvation, not a loss of salvation. God is able to keep you saved IF you are one of his sheep.
- I'm afraid I'm not perfect enough for God to forgive me. A: God has enough love for you. We inherit abundant mercy from Jesus to cover a lifetime of mistakes. No mistake is too big for God.
- If God knew in advance that Jesus would come back to him after dying, what did God really give up? A: Jesus left heaven (a huge sacrifice) to come to earth. He went from sinless to take on the suffering of our worst sins. Would you ever sacrifice your son or daughter for EVIL people? No way! But God did.
- I’ve tried to be a friend to a new kid at school from another culture, but now kids are making fun of me. A: Remain a friend to the new kid no matter what is said. The first few jokes may sting, but over time, the prejudice fades and the jokes get old.

Other questions:
- When I doubt God, does he leave me?
- How is human love different from God's love?
- What's the purpose of confession? Doesn't God know what I've done?
- My Uncle was evil but saved on his deathbed. Can such an awful person be saved?
- I don't feel like I have anything I can offer God. He couldn't ever use me.
- I feel like life is too overwhelming!
- How can be become more patient?
- How can I stop looking down upon growing old?
- Can my life count for Christ, even if I'm not a minister?
- My prayers go unanswered. What can I do?
- Is God willing to use ungodly people to change the world?
- We don't begin to compare to early Christian believers. How can we make a difference?
- How should I react to poverty?
- When does repentance occur? When a person becomes a Christian or grows as a Christian?
- What can I tell children sufferring from cancer?
- My boss makes mean comments. What can I do?
- What can I do about my short temper?
- I’m afraid of trying new things, go new places, so I never go far.
- My boss promised me a promotion, then passed me up. I’m very resentful. What can I do?
- My ex says mean things about me to the kids. I have a hard time forgiving her.
- I can’t forgive my ex-son-in-law for breaking my daughter’s heart
- Is it okay for me as a Christian to fire an unproductive worker?
- A friend has been making mean comments about me
- How do I overcome my bad habits?

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  1. I am a very recent convert to Max Lucado. I was pleasantly introduced to his writing through my fiancée. Although I can't honestly say that I am not a real pioneer, nor veracious reader of Christian literature, what experience I have had in the past has been totally unlike Lucado's rewarding and relaxing method of teaching and augmenting the word of our lord